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Have you injured a tooth? Is a toothache making it difficult for you to speak or chew? If so, it may be time to seek urgent dental services from our office. We’ll alleviate your discomfort and help you restore your dental health.

Where Can I Receive Emergency Dental Care?

When oral discomfort or other symptoms are disrupting your life, know that relief can be found at our practice. Our dentists will pinpoint the cause of your symptoms and provide quick treatment. In many cases, we offer same-day appointments to our emergency patients. Our goal is to eliminate your pain and get your oral health back on track. Call us now for quality urgent dental care.

What is the Cost of Urgent Dental Care?

Many factors contribute to the cost of emergency dental care, including the severity of your symptoms, the procedures necessary to restore your smile and your insurance. During your consultation, you’ll have a chance to review your treatment plan and the anticipated charges. Please give us a call if you have questions about insurance or cost.

Emergency Dental Services

When a dental emergency strikes, turn to us for comprehensive urgent care. Here are some of the services provided at our office:

Emergency Extractions: Sometimes, a severely damaged or injured tooth must be removed immediately. We’ll make sure you feel comfortable throughout the process, utilizing anesthetics and other techniques to help you relax.

Wisdom Teeth Treatment: The wisdom teeth normally are the last set of teeth to emerge, and they often become impacted or infected. If your wisdom teeth are causing pain, contact our dentists for the proper course of treatment.

Root Canals: While you may feel worried if a root canal is recommended, it’s important to note that root canals save millions of teeth every year. Dentists suggest root canals when the pulp of a tooth has become infected or inflamed.

Pediatric Root Canals: Our gentle emergency dentists also provide root canals for children. We’ve worked with children of all ages, helping them feel relaxed throughout the procedure.

Teeth Extractions: In addition to our urgent teeth extractions, we provide routine extractions of damaged teeth. After the procedure, our dentist will advise you about your restorative options.

When Should I Go to an Emergency Dental Clinic?

Are you wondering, “Do my symptoms require emergency dental care?” We recommend that patients call our office if the following conditions occur:

Dental Abscesses: Untreated tooth decay or gum disease can lead to an abscess, an infection of the tooth’s root. This condition causes oozing gums, fever, swelling and a painful toothache. Abscesses can cause complications if left alone, so they should be addressed immediately.

Broken, Chipped, or Fractured Teeth: Not only do structurally damaged teeth look less attractive, they also are susceptible to damage. Call our practice to discover your restorative options.

Jaw Injury: An intense blow to the jaw that causes pain or your bite to seem “off” is a dental emergency. Call us now to see a dentist as quickly as possible.

Lost, Loose or Broken Crowns: Missing, broken or loose tooth crowns leave the damaged tooth vulnerable to decay. If your crown is no longer functioning or is missing, contact our dentists for a replacement.

Oral Infection: A toothache, feelings of pressure or swelling may mean a dental infection. Visit our office for a thorough examination and treatment.

Knocked-out Teeth: Dentists often can save knocked-out teeth if the patient seeks treatment quickly. If your tooth has been knocked out, store it in milk or insert it back into its socket while waiting for an appointment.

Lost or Dislodged Fillings: Missing or dislodged fillings can cause sensitivity and also leave the tooth vulnerable to decay. If your filling is missing or broken, get in touch with us for a replacement.

Facial or Gum Swelling: Persistent swelling affecting the face or gums may indicate an infection or other condition and should be evaluated.

Dental Pain: Oral pain can be caused by several conditions, including cavities, infections or structural damage. Our dentists can diagnose the issue and provide relief for your discomfort.

Will Visiting an Emergency Dental Clinic Be Expensive?

Our dentists understand that an unexpected dental expense can be financially difficult for many families. We’re committed to helping you receive the care you need without sacrificing your budget. Our practice accepts many major insurance providers, and we take the time to explain your plan’s benefits and anticipated costs. Even without insurance, affordable urgent dentistry is possible with the help of flexible financing or the MetroCare savings plan. With MetroCare, patients can save between 20 to 80 percent on routine, cosmetic and restorative treatment. Please contact us now for more details.

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